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The Sky-Hook is a melee weapon and means of transportation throughout Columbia on its Sky-Lines. The Sky-Hook was originally inspired by adventurous teenagers using the Sky-Lines for joyriding; with makeshift tools which would later result in broken necks. Although citizens credit Jeremiah Fink for the Sky-Hook, it was actually created by R.J. Pickwick through his company’s sponsor, Fink Manufacturing. The Sky-Hook was used by workers to perform maintenance on Sky-Lines. It was later utilized by the Police as an essential tool for catching criminals, including the Vox Populi. Sky-Hooks are powerfully magnetized to the freight hooks and Sky-Lines in Columbia, allowing their users to make death-defying leaps from point-to-point with the knowledge that they will automatically latch on. Additionally, the Sky-Hook’s bladed scoops and rotary motor allow it to be used as a lethal, if messy, melee weapon. If Elizabeth is nearby when the execution happens, she will usually give a disgusted reaction.    x

(Source: cityofdunwall)

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